Freedom from Patriarchy at HyattCentric MG Road Bangalore

Held at Hyatt Centric MG Road Bangalore, the menu, curated by chef Manish Uniyal, featured vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis with each dish containing a blend of handmade spices.

“We decided to celebrate Independence Day by celebrating our country’s traditions, cuisines and the empowerment of homemakers. For instance, the Shahe Nawab Garam Masala in the Calcutta Chicken Chops pairs well with the rich ingredients of this cuisine. Similarly, Sifar Garam Masala which originates from the Sindhi community has been used in the traditional dish called Sai Bhaji. Sawantwadi Garam Masala which originates from the coastal Maharashtrian belt has been used in our Malvani Fish curry,” says chef Uniyal.

The featured menu included:

Makai Subz Shorba with Lakadong Turmeric
Kishni's Paneer Kebab with Jass Garam Masala
Ram Laddoo ki Chaat with Punjabi Chana & Kaali Dal Masala
Lagan ki Boti with Sifar Garam Masala
Calcutta Chicken Chop with Shahe Nawab Garam Masala
Malvani Fish Curry with Sawantwadi Garam Masala
Konaseema Mutton Curry with East Godavari Garam Masala
Sindhi Chicken Curry with Shahe Nawab Garam Masala
Sai Bhaji with Sifar Garam Masala
Kaddu ka Khatta with Jass Garam Masala
Masale Bhat with Khichdi ka Masala
Punjabi Kali Masala with Punjabi Chana & Kaali Dal Masala
Bharleli Vangi with Sawantwadi Garam Masala
Masala Chai Phirnee with Chai ka Masala
Pondicherry Baguette Pudding with Chai ka Masala


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