Awadhi Lazzat Ul Taam/Potli Ka Masala

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Mysterious symphony of flavours from the age of Awadh 18th Century, Awadh by the banks of ghangra surrounded by screwpine forests gave birth to Nawabi cuisine encompassing the delicacy and sophistication of the flavours of kewra (screwpine) and a select ensemble of ingredients which have kept the legendary poetic disposition of Awadh alive. Capturing the erstwhile state’s nafazat, nazaakat adab qaida and heritage an ingenious spice blend was created... lazzat-ul-taam which is an ensemble of over twenty five spices and herbs. Forgotten ingredients that have been unearthed for this blend by Nazneen begum and presented as the crown of Awadhi cuisine, our ode to this exquisite cuisine.

Key Ingredients - Rose Petals, Kewra, Vetiver Roots, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Star Anise, Poppy Seeds, Jarakhush and Wild Berries.

Net Weight - 50gm

The Blends are 100% vegetarian and produced under stringent quality standards.

Produce of India