Coorg Black Mystery Kodava Cuisine Masala

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Coorg, officially called Kodagu, lying serenely amidst high mountains, stays misty throughout the year. The aboriginals of the place are Kodavas. The hills of Coorg were the supply depot for the famous spice coast of Malabar. Pepper, Cloves, Cardamom, Kokum (Garcinia cambogia), Cinchona, and other stars of the fabled ‘spice route’ are residents of these hills. Coorg Pepper is considered the world’s best and since ancient times, traders have landed on the neighbouring Malabar Coast of Kerala to pick up mountains of this black treasure. Coorg black mystery Masala is the original recipe from the age old diaries of two Kodavas sisters . The outstanding flavours and frangrance of this spice mix is reminiscent of the misty landscape of Coorg. Unique to this cuisine is the kachambuli vinegar . This is the "vinegar" of the Kodava (Coorg) people . It is made from slightly fermented juice of Gummi-Gutta fruit, simmered down to a very dark reddish-purple syrup - very sour, but also fruity.

Recipe - Kodava Pork Dry Fry : Heat pan, add oil , add the chopped onions, saute till brown, add blend of ginger , garlic, green chillies, cumin , coriander, pepper saute till the raw smell is not there, add the pork, cook well, add two to three teaspoons of the Coorg black mystery masala, a little salt , mix well and then add enough water to just cover the whole mixture. Once the meat is cooked, add a quarter teaspoon of kachambulli or add a tablespoon of lime juice. Keep cooking and stirring occasionally, till the mixture dries up. Check for salt and sourness. A dash of sugar generally brings the whole flavour together.

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