Gift Pack of Beverage Spice Blends - Pack of 2

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This is a gift pack of 2 of our Beverage Spice Blends containing Lakadong Turmeric and Chai Ka Masala.

Lakadong Turmeric - Indian cuisines encourage the use of turmeric to not only enhance the taste of a dish, but to also improve immunity. The highest content of curcumin found naturally in this miracle spice purifies blood, aids in ingestion, helps to promote better sleep, prevents spread of malignant cancer cells and provides relief for osteoarthritis. The turmeric powder widely available in the market usually consists of 4%-7% of curcumin, but our recent supply of Lakadong Turmeric consists of 9%-11% of curcumin.

Our Chai Ka Masala hails from Meerut but has been re-invented along the years as she has traveled around the length & breadth of India. A perfect balance of spices hand pounded at her home in Gwalior which is bound to give you that little extra zing. A shortcut for you to make a truly Indian Masala Chai.

Net Weight - 50gm x 2 Bottles

The Blends are 100% vegetarian and produced under stringent quality standards.

Produce of India.