Gift Pack of Spice Blends for Non-Vegetarian Preparations - Pack of 2

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This is a gift pack of 3 of our Spice Blends which can be used for a variety of Non-Vegetarian Preparations.

Shahe Nawab - A secret blend of the Moorjani clan. The name 'Nawab Shah' is derived from the roots of the Moorjani forefathers. Throw in a dash of taste from the Sind dynasties. Add it to your meats, fish and vegetarian dishes for a walk down the trodden paths.

Sawantwadi - A robust blend from the royal family of Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Hand pounded by Neeta Shirodkar, the Sawantwadi Garam Masala is a perfect blend of a heritage and time-tested recipe.

Pack Contains 2 bottles of 50gm each.

The Blends are 100% vegetarian and produced under stringent quality standards.

Produce of India.