Gift Pack of Spice Blends for Vegetarian Preparations - Pack of 6

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This is a gift pack of 6 of our Spice Blends which can be used for a variety of Vegetarian Preparations.

Punjabi Masala - This spice blend ushers in the taste of Multan. 61 year old Vandana Malhotra's answer to food for the soul. Lentils, pulses, cottage cheese and chickpeas cooked in clarified butter and her special age old family spice blend. It can also be used as seasoning on yogurt.

Sifar in Sindhi means punctuation. 60 year old Anisha Lala's spice blend punctuates vegetarian cooking. A taste from the culinary kitchens of forgotten tribes of the Sind region.

Devabai's Khichdi Ka Masala for that pure "go home to mom's food." Taste the love in every bite. This spice blend is hand pounded on the western edge of the Deccan Plateau in the city of Nashik. Add the spice blend to your lentils and rice. Add dry or freshly grated coconut while cooking.

Podi, also known as gunpowder, is from the Rayalaseema district of Andhra Pradesh, distinct in its taste and authenticity. As the name suggests, it's not only an excellent protein boost, but also has an amazing soul satisfying feeling when mixed with clarified butter/ghee and eaten with with rice, idli and dosa.

Jass means magic in Sindhi. Kishni Hingorani's Sindhi seasoning recipe handed down from her matriarchal ancestors. Add the magic to your vegetables and lentils. Just a dash of Jass as a finishing touch to your dish.

Lakadong Turmeric - Indian cuisines encourage the use of turmeric to not only enhance the taste of a dish, but to also improve immunity. The highest content of curcumin found naturally in this miracle spice purifies blood, aids in ingestion, helps to promote better sleep, prevents spread of malignant cancer cells and provides relief for osteoarthritis. The turmeric powder widely available in the market usually consists of 4%-7% of curcumin, but our recent supply of Lakadong Turmeric consists of 9%-11% of curcumin.

Pack Contains 6 bottles of 50gm each.

The Blends are 100% vegetarian and produced under stringent quality standards.

Produce of India.