Kapadwanj Bohra Kaari Spice Blend

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Kaari : Boil meat with ginger, garlic, green chilli paste and onions until tender and onions are dissolved. In a thick bottomed skillet fry kaari masala, red chilli, green chillies and curry leaves on low flame. add meat to the gravy. Add tamarind paste then add coconut milk whilst stirring . Cook curry on medium flame until oil separates. Serve with lemon, Cumin Rice and karak double roti (bread).
Coconut Rice : Wash and soak rice ,in a large pot, add salt, cumin, pepper, cloves and rice. When rice are 80% cooked strain rice. Heat oil, add desiccated coconut, give all a stir, mix in boiled rice.Cover and dum rice for 5-7 minutes until steam rises. Coconut rice for Kaari chawal is ready, garnish with fried onions and serve.
Key Ingredients
Cashew nuts, almonds ,poppy seeds , pumpkin seeds
Allergen Advise
Contains nuts and seeds

Net Weight: 50g